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Sean, Chris, Jacob, Garrett, Aaron
As seen in photo from left to right.

Sean Cullen, Christopher Mizzoni, Jacob Levine, Garrett Bolwell, Aaron

My name is Sean Cullen I am a Junior here at Ponaganset. I play for varsity for both the basketball and golf team at Ponaganset. I was interested in the sports section of the Journalism website.

Hello folks, my name is Jacob Levine and I am a junior at Ponaganset High

School. When in school, I work hard in order to receive a scholarship for academics.

When out of school, I play baseball for the school or basketball in the street. I am

an out-of-district student and I am in the Computer Science Pathway. I am a creative person. If I have absolutely nothing to do, I like to read books which I found my interest in literature and journalism. I like creative writing and I think Journalism may be a second option if computer science doesn’t

work out. I have been into sports my entire life, really ever since I was a toddler, so

I think I might be putting my focus towards the sports section of the website.

Hello Ponaganset my name is Garrett Bolwell and I'm a junior. Things I

like to do consist of hanging out with friends and playing sports. The pathway that I am

in is the Materials and Manufacturing pathway. I play baseball and basketball for are

high school team. I joined Journalism because I thought it would be fun to write articles

for are school website.

Hey, I'm Aaron Parenteau and I'm a junior. My interests are mainly sports and photography. I play football for the Ponaganset Chieftains. What brought me to Journalism was the fact that we could be a part of the school website and do sports related stories and keep the school updated on our sports. For the newspaper I will mainly be focusing on sports and interviews and maybe even take sports photos for it.

Sean, Chris, Jacob, Garrett, Aaron, Journalist

Sean, Chris, Jacob, Garrett, Aaron