10 Things to Do On Earth Day

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10 Things to Do On Earth Day

Nolan Leite, Features Editior

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Trees not only cool things down (collectively, they can help decrease a city’s temperature by up to 10 degrees) but they also clean the air and give off more oxygen, among a ton of other benefits. Plant one in your family’s yard (if Mom or Dad need convincing, tell them that it’s been proven that trees can increase your property value by 15%). Another option is to plant your own fruits and veggies which will benefit your health and reduce the amount of fossil fuel emissions by not having to transport the food to stores.




Besides supporting area businesses, you’ll also be helping the Earth by buying your fruits and veggies local. That’s because food in the grocery stores travels an average of 1,500 miles to get to you, and all that shipping can cause pollution plus an increase of fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions. When you buy locally, it’s transported in shorter distances.



There are tons of festivals, organized cleanups, and walks to participate in for observance of Earth Day. Some are happening over the weekend, too, so even if you’re in class on Friday, you’ll be able to attend. Check out earthday.org to find local events and invite your friends to join you!



Just because you’re tossing your plastic water bottles into the recycling bin doesn’t mean they’re not hurting the environment. Besides the fact that it takes over 1.5 million barrels of oil to manufacture all of those bottles each year, there are still over two million tons of water bottles that have ended up in U.S. landfills. Buy a reusable bottle, preferably one that has a filter attached to it, so you’ll be getting fresh water every time.



You might think that chewing gum is environmentally friendly, but it is actually made from a synthetic rubber, which is plastic. Around 100,000 tons of this plastic is thrown away every year, and a lot of it ends up on our streets. Next time you want minty-fresh breath, just brush your teeth rather than chewing on a piece of plastic.



The fact is that over 100 million trees are cut down each year to produce junk mail including catalogs. Plus they usually just end up in the trash anyway. Sign up for the free opt-out service at catalogchoice.org and they’ll help you get your name off the mailing lists for all those unwanted pieces of mail.



If you live close enough to your school, ditch the car and ride a bike. It not only reduces your carbon footprint but it’s also great for your body. And if you aren’t nearby or don’t have a bike, carpool or take public transportation. The fewer cars on the road mean less gas such as carbon dioxide in the air that can contribute to global warming.



Plastic straws contribute greatly to the plastic waste in our oceans. The next time you go to a bar or restaurant, make sure say no to a straw, and even encourage them to stop using straws completely. If you have to use one, then buy an environmentally friendly one that is reusable. You can buy bamboo, metal, and glass straws online that you can wash and use rather than always buying plastic ones.



It’s been estimated that Americans use 100 billion plastic bags a year, and just the production alone for those requires about 12 million barrels of oil. Not to mention, they take up lots of space in landfills and cause major problems for marine wildlife. Instead, buy some super cute reusable bags to use when you go to the grocery store. You’ll not only be stylish but eco-friendly as well!



Feeling passionate about a certain environmental cause or piece of legislation that you believe should be passed? Write an email to your local representative to share your thoughts. Here’s how to find their contact info. You can also start or sign a petition for something you’d like to see changed. Go to change.org to get started.

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  1. Beth Rutherford on April 22nd, 2019 4:23 am

    I wanted to thank you for this list. I used it as a template to create a little poster for my exam rooms at work on Earth Day. Your generation is inheriting a mess, I know. Thank you for staying involved and interested to correct it. Bless Mother Earth. Kind Regards, Beth

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10 Things to Do On Earth Day