Valentine’s Day Tips!

Maria Herrera

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Valentine’s Day tips!!!
Date ideas
★Ice skating
★A themed movie night and dinner at home
★A relaxing spa day!
★Watch the sunset or sunrise
★Chick flick marathon
★Recreate your first date
★Plan a date night with other couples!
★Fancy night on the town
Fun ideas if you’re single!
★Host a singles- only dinner party
★Treat yourself
★Do a chocolate taste test
★Book a couples massage with your best friend!
★Do something nice for someone
★Movie marathon
★Shopping spree!
Gift ideas!
●Gift card
●Assorted chocolate
●Chocolate covered strawberries
●Spa kit
●A puppy
●Bath bombs
●A fish
●Something personalized!
●A pajama set
●Big teddy bear
●Flower bouquet
●Edible arrangements gift
●Movie tickets
●A love letter<3
●A succulent