PHS Art Awards and Honorable Mentions

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Deanna Kennedy
Deanna Kennedy is a Ponaganset student who won a Scholastic Art Award for her project called
“Finding Peace”. She was working with cranes for a show piece and decided to incorporate
them. She wanted to represent something more happy, like the light at the end of a tunnel. The
hands in the piece represent fear and anxiety while the cranes represent peace. The peace
fades more into color to show something better is coming. Kennedy says, “I was really surprised! I really wasn’t expecting to get anything out of it, but anything to put towards the resume is good”. She also said, “I think it just shows that things will always get better. There’s always a brighter side to things”.
Renzci Cairo
Renzci Cairo is a tenth grader at Ponaganset who won an Honorable Mention Art Award. The
piece that won was titled “Gen Z”. It’s a painting of two masks going head to head, each mask
hiding the differences between the two. It was a peace project, but she had the idea to do the
opposite of peace to inspire different interpretations of the design. When she won the award she
was surprised. She told us “I was pretty happy that I got an award and I didn’t expect my teacher to pick
me to enter”.
Alannah Forman
Alannah Forman is a Ponaganset student who won a Scholastic Art Award for her picture titled
“Tessa”. It’s a portrait of her friend, with a darker theme to it. She said “I was surprised… I
didn’t think I was gonna get an award for it, it was just a picture I took”.
Madison Young
Madison Young is an art student at Ponaganset High School. She entered a picture titled,
“Layered”. It was a picture take of an artichoke for an assignment for her class. She thought it was cool and different. She said, “I felt really happy, I was kinda surprised, I didn’t think I’d win anything”.
Kenny Hawkins
Kenny Hawkins is a senior at Ponaganset and won a Scholastic Art Award for a self portrait titled
“Mirage”. He took a few self portraits and then used oil paints to make the piece. He says he
likes to put nostalgia into his pieces and that’s the vibe he wanted it to give off. He said “I don’t
think I had a reaction when I won the award”. Although he was proud, he kind of expected it.
Maddox Realejo
Maddox Realejo is a senior here at Ponaganset. He won an Honorable Mention for a photo he
took. It is a picture of a turtle in a tank. He like many of the others didn’t believe he would be
chosen to enter the contest. He explained, “I felt pretty happy because I didn’t think I was good
at photography. I didn’t think it was that good but my teacher thought it was good”.