Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan


Danielle Franco, Journalist

If you like books that are action based, and have plot twists and betrayal then Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan is the book for you. This book is about a twelve year old boy named Percy Jackson who has a very tough and frustrating life. Percy Jackson has always had strange things happen to him ever since he was little, things that seem impossible, such as strange creatures, creatures that shouldn’t exist. Another strange thing that seemed to happen to him is that every school he has gone to he has been kicked out. So anyway, Percy is currently in sixth grade at Yancy Academy, a boarding school for troubled kids, and they are on a field trip for their history class. When it’s time to break for lunch something very strange happens, he accidentally did something to his bully and one of the teacher chaperones Mrs.Dodds takes him into the museum near the Greek section. Percy just thought that he was in trouble and that he would get detention but something much worse happens. Mrs.Dodds suddenly turns into a terrifying creature, a shriveled hag with huge bat wings. She tells Percy that she knows who he really is, confused by all of this Percy just stands in terror. Then Mr.Brunner, Percy’s history/Latin teacher comes in and throws him his pen which suddenly turns into a sword when he catches it. Mrs.Dodds comes at Percy so in defense he slashes at her cutting her from her shoulder to hip and she disappears into thin air. This whole event leads Percy into an adventure of self discovery and even a hint of betrayal. This wonderful book of humor, adventure, trickery, and some sarcasm is a fun read that will keep you turning the pages.