“The Abandoned Lies” by Emma Crawley

Amber Higginson, Editor in Chief

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Emma Crawley is a Sophomore at Ponaganset HIghschool. She wrote a touching poem called “The Abandon Lies”, which is about people who need a little guidance. Crawley explains, “The poem is about how there are kids that are in need of someone to lift them up to notice they aren’t okay, but many of us walk right by them not realizing they’re in need of a friend”. This poem is very strong and we would love to read more! 

The Abandoned Lies

By Emma Crawley


 Behind every smile is a crying person.

 Behind every laugh is a breaking soul. 

Behind every “I’m okay” is a save me.

Behind every leave me alone is a stay here.

We hideaway 

We believe the world isn’t beautiful anymore 

That we aren’t beautiful enough anymore. 

We all hide our emotions, fight our battles until we hit our breaking point. 

We believe the voices in our heads. We believe the person in the mirror is ugly.

 Our mirrors become our rivals, 

our minds become our demons,

our self esteem vanishes.

We believe that we need to look a certain way to pretty, that what we see is what to believe. 

Our minds wander, our deepest thoughts swirl around our minds craving to be heard. 

All the what-ifs and our negative thoughts. 

The constant breaking off every time we see ourselves

Our self-esteem breaks, our self-worth has gone with the wind, 

as we stare at the reflection trying to say I’m okay.

 We walk to school that day with our thoughts killing every drop of happiness,

 but yet we stand here with a smile that makes someone’s day. 

Laugh so hard that we cry, but deep inside its all just a lie.

 It’s just an act we put up to seem like we are okay. 

All of the scars that paint our body.

 The memories of past suicide attempts

 suicidal thought creeping up into our minds, they’re all hidden from the outside world


 No one knows. Our lies that we keep to ourselves. 

The act we put up every day to seem like we’re okay. 

Stare at us a little longer 

look at our dead eyes 

spend a day in our shoes 

Then you will see the sadness that seeps within us.

The mask of happiness we wear every day 

But why? 

Why must we hide away from the outside world?


It is great how our smiles can hide our deepest lies 

Our laughs can hide our tearful nights

I’m fine became so empty 

The truth that lies in us 

is yet to found 

The scars that are hidden 

The memories suppressed 

Our daily life is just a lie 

We act like we are fine 

but we wish we were dead 

Look at us and ask 

Do we look okay?


So many of us hide our emotions 

Hideaway whatever bullying is happening 

We walk by people wishing they would notice

Wishing they would notice we are not okay. 

But every day we walk by wishing for sunshine and never getting it. 


Be the sunshine that people need.