Resolutions for 2019

Olivia Kinsley

“New year, New me.” I am pretty sure we have all heard this so far in 2019.  The beginning of January is the time where we put our New Year’s Resolutions into full action. We have all probably made one of these before and here are just some of the few resolutions our fellow Chieftains have created. Many of the students at Ponaganset like Kayla Krupa, want to be healthier so she can live a healthier future. Carissa Charron states “I want to eat healthier and get ready for dance competition if I start it. It is important to me because dance is one of my passions and I really want to make it apart of my life when I’m a grown-up and now I want to do my best.”

Others have different tastes in resolutions. For example, Maija Renee says her New Year’s Resolution has differed from other resolutions by wanting to get back to reading. “…To get back to reading books all of the time I’d say”. Personally my resolution is to work on procrastination by using a checklist. Regardless of the resolution, we all want to better ourselves one day at a time.