Top 5 Apps of 2018


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– The most downloaded app of 2018 was TikTok. This is because TikTok has become a big hit in
China, which has been downloaded by a majority of the teens. The videos that are created are about
fifteen seconds long, but some can be shorter and you can record for up to a minute. You can
customize the videos to sounds like music or comedy voices. This allows people to show their
creativity compared to others using the same sound. You can also record videos to your own
voice making this app a lot like vine.
– YouTube is constantly one of the most downloaded apps easily making it the
second most downloaded app of 2018. This is a free video app run by Google to watch and
upload videos online. There was an estimated 35.3 million downloads in the first three months
of 2018.
– A private message app that was recently bought by Facebook. It had an estimated 33.8
million downloads in the last quarter of the year. Message your friends and family for free! WhatsApp uses your phone’s Internet connection to send messages so you can avoid SMS fees.
4-Facebook Messenger
– The Facebook messenger app is the fourth most downloaded app of 2018. It’s Facebook’s
private message app. While being the third most popular free app on the AppStore Messenger
had an estimated 31.3 million downloads in the first three months.
– Being a younger version of Facebook that’s more picture oriented, Instagram has been
downloaded by teens and adults all over the world. This app has videos and photos posted by
famous artists, celebrities and models. There are also businesses that post there products and sell them
online. In the first three months Instagram had an estimated 31 millions downloads.