Teacher Feature – Ms. Madden


Nolan Leite

Zoe Madden is the newest addition to the science department at Ponaganset High School. As a student of hers, I thoroughly enjoy attending her class because of her ability to make lessons more entertaining for her students. I had the chance to sit down with her earlier this month to ask her some questions about her educational past, along with her aspirations for the future. I started the interview by asking Ms. Madden how long has she been teaching as she responded, “This is my fourth year”. I then asked her what subjects she has taught in the past, besides physical science. To my surprise, she answered with several subjects, “I’ve taught botany, ocean studies, astronomy, biology and chemistry.”

She also mentioned that some of her favorite specific topics to teach are things to do with air pressure and molecules. Ms. Madden told me that they tend to bring her joy while teaching, simply because it seems to bring out the student’s interest most; “‘Why do shower curtains sticks to people in the morning?’ is an example of those” she added. I also asked her about her educational philosophy and she said, “I believe the students should do the work, and not rely on the teachers to give it to them.”

When I asked “What are your thoughts on PHS so far,” she explained how she loves it, especially getting to know the students and their activities out of school. The last question I asked Ms. Madden was “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” She simply answered, “Hopefully still working at Ponaganset.” Zoe Madden is an amazing teacher and we can’t wait to see the things to come from her teaching!