Teacher Feature – Ms. Acciaioli

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Teacher Feature – Ms. Acciaioli

Lily Bruscini

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Cassandra Acciaioli is a young science teacher starting her second year at Ponaganset
High School. She teaches Chemistry, but has taught Physical Science and Forensics. Ms.
Acciaioli has been a teacher for five years now, her first three years were spent teaching at
Marblehead High School in Massachusetts. She went to Rhode Island College for an
undergraduate degree in Secondary Ed in Chemistry with general science and went to Salem
State University for her Master’s in Special Education.
Ms. Acciaioli’s favorite class to teach is chemistry, “it’s just so fun. It’s interesting and
you can apply it to the world!” When I asked Ms. Acciaioli why she had wanted to be a chemistry
teacher she told me she wanted to be a teacher since kindergarten; “I just loved school. I
always found that if you can teach someone something, it means you have a better
understanding of it yourself, so in high school I would teach my friends math or science and I
realized I was pretty good at it so why not? In middle school I wanted to do math and then it
wasn’t until I took chemistry where I totally fell in love with the subject.”
Ms. Acciaioli defines her teaching philosophy as more hands on, “I think it’s important to
be able to actually do physical experiments and demonstrate your understanding in multiple
ways. That’s why it’s fun to do labs and projects, you may not be good at a certain task but you
get to do a variety of things”. Five years from now, she hopes to still be at Ponaganset High
teaching chemistry; “This is a school I definitely see myself at, I like this population of students.
Students are very open, you can have real conversations with them.”
As a former student of Ms. Acciaioli, I can say that she is one of the best teachers I’ve
had. She is very blunt and outgoing, but open to students. She is fun and overly sarcastic, but
always knows how to go into teacher mode and still keep the interest of the class. She is an
amazing teacher and I’m glad to have been able to have her.