Teacher Feature – Mrs. Klein

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Teacher Feature – Mrs. Klein

Maria Herrera

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Mrs. Klein decided to change it up this year. Instead of teaching Math she is currently teaching Computer Science. Maria Herrera sat down with her to get the scoop!
1.Overall, how are you enjoying PHS?
“I really like it here, I like the environment that the students have cultivated. Everyone is
accepting and friendly.”
2.How many years have you been teaching or working in education?
“This year is my fifth year.”
3.What subject are you currently teaching?
“I am currently teaching computer science and I have taught math.”
4.What courses bring you joy when teaching?
“All of my courses I am loving the computer science department and it is the reason I got into
teaching. I am lucky to be able to teach it now.”
5.What is your teaching philosophy or mantra?
“To be ready for the unexpected.”
6.Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
“Here at PHS teaching computer science but hopefully with an expanded program with more
classes and other options.”