Teacher Feature – Mr. Glasberg

Kayla Krupa

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It doesn’t go unnoticed that our school has hired a great deal of new faculty over the last few years. Our “Teacher Feature” this week is all about Mr. Glasberg! Kayla Krupa sat down with him to get the inside scoop!

Q: Overall, how are you enjoying PHS?
A: I love it. I was a student here, and an athlete and now I get to teach math with the
people that I looked up to when I was a student and now I get to coach too. I am living
the dream.
Q: How many years have you been teaching or working in education?
A: This is my first year.
Q: What courses bring you joy when teaching?
A: I really enjoy what I do, which is algebra 2 and statistics. My favorite to take as a
student was geometry and calculus, and I would like to teach geometry but not calculus.
Q: What is your teaching philosophy or mantra?
A: In college you develop a philosophy and write papers on it, and my philosophy now is
to have no philosophy. My goal is to be chaotic in a good way because how I teach
might catch different people one day or the other and hopefully I can intrigue all my
students. My mantra is, I try to remember that my students are people first and then
students because every time I treat a student as a student, by the end of the school year
I find that they have a pass or a fail. When I treat a student like a person I guarantee
they succeed no matter the outcome. You’re gonna find something you love to do and
not every day is great. Love is not a feeling, it’s a commitment and you get through the
unpleasant stuff because other days are so good.
Q: Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
A: Still here. For the first time, and I don’t take it for granted because most of my friends
couldn’t say this, but I don’t want anything more. I’m not thinking I have to be anywhere
else because I am content with where I am.
Q: What made you wanna teach at a high school?
A: Room 219, 10th grade, honors geometry with Mrs. Keeble and I decided this is what I
Q: What makes you like math so much?
A: In math there’s two types of mathematicians, pure and applied, and the applied
mathematics are stats and engineering and so on, but pure mathematicians are the
ones that like to do math for math, and I don’t need to put a story to the numbers to
have it be fun, and I don’t know why, it just is.