“Souper” Soup Stew

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“Souper” Soup Stew

Jason Sprague

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“Souper” Soup Stew Recipe


You will need:

1 can of peas

1 can of corn (not the cream corn, that’s disgusting)

1 can of carrots

1 can of potatoes

2 cans of cream of chicken

1 pound of chicken

Angel hair pasta

Salt and Pepper


To make this you will need a large lobster pot or another large pot.  

Step One: Add the two cream of chicken soups in and add water. (Instructions on the can)

Step Two: Add two tablespoons of salt and 1 tablespoon of pepper. I recommend garlic and if you have it a pinch of cumin and paprika.  A bay leaf or two also adds flavor.

Step Three: Bring the base to a boil and lower the temperature just a little bit and add the meat (diced) make sure to cover and check on it occasionally. (Tip: The smaller you cut the chicken the quicker it will cook.)

Step Four: Break the pasta into quarters. Best done in the box it comes in, and cook it until al dente (it’s firm to the bite).

Step Five: When the meat is cooked, add half a can of peas, corn, potatoes, and carrots.  Add more or less of each can to suit your tastes.

Step Six: Add the pasta after you strain it to the mix and stir it in. You will probably only need half of the box.

Step Seven: Taste it to see if you need more salt or pepper.

Step Eight: let it sit on low heat, stirring occasionally, for a minute or two.

Step Nine: Serve.

Recipe by Jay Sprague