The Nolan Leite Experience- Meeting the band

Nolan Leite, Features Editor

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The Nolan Leite Experience is an upcoming modern blues band, with yours truly as it’s frontman. We play at venues all across the New England area and even have the honor of representing the Boston Blues Society in Memphis, Tennessee. I had the opportunity to ask my fellow band mates, Eric and Ronnie Robidoux a few questions before a show Friday night.


I started off by asking the brothers how long they’ve been playing. “I’ve been playing the drums for about eight years”, answered Ronnie. “Five for me” added Eric, who plays bass in the band. I also asked them who were some major influences that inspired them to pursue a musical pathway. Ronnie mentioned that his biggest inspiration is Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham. Eric stated that Noel Redding, the bassist for Jimi Hendrix, is an enormous role model to him. These answers were actually not too surprising. Ronnie tends to play with a similar attitude as John Bonham, hitting each drum and cymbal with intense emotion. Eric’s response was also somewhat expected, as he often plays abstract bass lines, much like Noel Redding did while playing with Hendrix. I finally asked them their favorite song to perform live, and they both answered with the same response. Feelin’ Good, an original song with an upbeat tempo, a killer guitar solo, and a section allowing the audience to clap along. “Hearing them clap along while looking at Nolan nailing every note is the coolest feeling to me” added Ronnie. A question we are often asked that I felt should be added here is how would we describe our music. Each and every time, we refer to our sound as “new blues”. This seems like the best way to describe our music because our original music has a heavier sound, still playing with original blues progressions from legends like B.B. King and Stevie Ray Vaughan. As a matter of fact, my debut EP is even called, “The New Blues EP”.


We are extremely excited to head to Memphis this January to represent the Boston Blues Society. Below is a link to listen to our EP, although we have physical copies for sale which can be purchased from me in person. The band is also currently in the process of recording our debut album, anticipated to release sometime next year. Expect to hear more from the Nolan Leite Experience, and I will try to my best to remember my Ponaganset friends when we are living in luxury.