Ballin’ on a Budget (Budget Recipes) – Grande Macaroni

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Today’s meal on “Ballin’ on a Budget” feeds a whopping fourteen and costs about $11-$15. Tasty, cheap, and easy is what we’re here for. This meal is not the prettiest, but this is probably the simplest recipe ever.


How to make a Grande Macaroni (due to copyright issues)


You will need:

6- boxes of mac and cheese

1 extra cheese packet (velveeta works best)

1 pound of ground beef

2 cups milk

3 sticks of butter

To make it you will need a lobster pot or just a 5 gallon bucket to dump the ingredients in later.  




  1. Step one is cook the pound of beef. Brown the meat and its essential its broken apart, set aside for step three
  2. Step two is simple as is, cook the macaroni and cheese and put it in the container or leave it in the pot
  3. Step three is the easiest. Add the butter, milk, and cheese packets from the macaroni into the macaroni and add the extra cheese packet, then add in the ground beef.  


(A/N): You can also add in some fried onions or peppers if you’re feeling adventurous. Peas, green beans and corn are also not a bad idea but anything you have lying around just toss it in there.